Students can choose to spend one or two semesters in a partner university

Students can choose to spend one or two semesters in a partner university

Offered by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rennes 1, this 2nd year master level program teaches students the various activities of governments – expenditure policies, tax instruments, macroeconomic and regulatory policies – in an evolutionary, comparative, international perspective. Graduates from the IMPP will be active and dynamic players in processes of management and reform of public sector activities and agencies, in a plurality of institutional contexts and countries. They can be typically employed in:

The IMPP offers double-degrees with 6 partner universities: Friburg, Switzerland – Tampere, Finland – Piemonte Orientale and Turin, Italy – Masaryk, Czech Republic and Mino, Portugal. The program also welcomes students from several Asian partner universities and institutions as well as individual applications from all over the world.

To help students making the most of their studies abroad, the European Commission has developed a European Credit Transfer System, (ECTS), which provides a way of measuring and transfering learning achievements from one university to another. One year of study in the European Union corresponds to 60 ECTS. One semester of study corresponds to 30 ETCS approximately.

Prerequisites in microeconomics (consumer theory, Lagrangian method of constrained optimization, public economics): H

Internship: the internship should last at least 4 months, from April, 1st to September 30th. The topic should be related to the production or supervision of economic and statistical studies in the field of public policies (in federal, national, regional or local governments, public services, or research centers). (more…)

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