Goodnight: Voice Chat Stream Reviews: 20 Reviews

Goodnight: Voice Chat Stream Reviews: 20 Reviews

Want to experience deep, late-night talks instead of swiping left and right every night before you sleep? Lonely at night but can’t decide who to call? Find YOUR soulmate at Goodnight! Try Goodnight, an instant random voice chat app, and join our 8 million users all around the world.

Hi I like the app sometimes but I cant even message back to someone without paying for a subscription like it went complete lock down where you cant even use a single feature of the app… which I don’t think it’s fair they said hello to me and now will never speak again because you have to pay to text or call and its 32 U.S dollars a month and there are way cheaper apps that do the same thing for free I just want to talk to my friend without paying an arm and a leg at least let the message feature be free ?? thank you

I had to see for myself. They ask for your info, try to force you to upload a photo of your face (I found a way around that, but I’m sure they think I used my real face), and then they beg for money. Just another fake app trying to prey on the lonely. Please don’t fall for it. I’m a guy in San Diego, California. I’m real. Shoot me text and I’ll show you what a real curves connect, polite, friendly man sounds like. Sicks won nighn, sevin thrie too, oh oh won sicks.

You can’t see anyone near you, you can’t read messages, you can’t send messages, you can’t read about anyone, and you can’t do anything that would be a necessity on a real dating site

I find it enjoyable and understandable to call random people and talk but I am unsure about why finding someone you specifically have lots of things in common with and try to call them/text them requires a membership. (more…)

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